What Mothers Do

Especially When It Looks Like Nothing

by Naomi Stadlen

Piatkus 2004 Publication price: £9.99
2005 Edition £8.99
Kindle Edition £4.99

What Mothers Do has been written to support mothers. Naomi Stadlen draws on many years’ work with hundreds of other mothers of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. She explores mothers’ experiences to reveal what they are doing when it may look, to everyone else, like nothing.

Chapter titles:
1 Who understands?
2 ‘Nothing prepares you’
3 ‘All the responsibility’
4 ‘Being instantly interruptible’
5 The power of comfort
6 ‘I get nothing done all day’
7 So tired I could die
8 What do babies seem to want?
9 What is motherly love?
10 ‘I was surprised that I still had the same name’
11 ‘Snapping at my partner’
12 Closer to my mother
Epilogue: Circles of mothers

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What Mothers Do has been translated into Spanish.

Lo Que Hacen Las Madres
Sobre todo cuando parece que no hacen nada

Naomi Stadlen, traducción Elena Barrutia Garcia.
2005 Ediciones Urano, Barcelona.
ISBN 84–7953–595–4

What Mothers Do
has been translated into Greek.
2006 Boukoumanis Editions, Athens.
ISBN 960-7458-67-2

The US edition of What Mothers Do
ISBN 978-1-58542-591-4

What Mothers Do
has been translated into Japanese.
2012 Poplar Publishing Co. Ltd, Tokyo.
ISBN 978-4-591-13004-9

What Mothers Do
has been translated into Romanian,
Ce fac mamele
Translated by Alexandru Popovici.
2013 Editura Litera Publications, Bucharest.
ISBN 978-606-686-189-2

What Mothers Do
has been translated into Italian.
Quello Che Le Mamme Fanno
soprattutto quando sembra non facciano niente
Translated by Laura Rudoni.
2012 Bonomi Editore, Pavia, Italy.
ISBN 978-88-86631-71-8

What Mothers Do has been translated into Hebrew.
Translated by Daphne Tadmore.
2013 Achiasaf Publishing House Ltd, Netanya, Israel.


A German translation of What Mothers Do by Lena Pemoeller
will be published by La Leche Liga Deutschland in 2016.